On a monthly basis, you should trim his toe nails

You should also brush his coat weekly while checking for eye problems. On a monthly basis, you should trim his toe nails and bathe him if needed. Many find male pugs to be more laid back and loving while the female ones are more alert and independent..

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Millions of Indians are dependent on public transport for commuting to workplaces and travelling to hometowns and villages. As the economy takes longer to reopen, it follows that many people out of jobs want to return to the social security accorded by native places. The demand for inter state transport stems from this cold economic logic, where survival takes precedence over the virus.

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The Bank for International Settlements says a debt to GDP ratio above 80 per cent acts as a drag on economic growth. Prior to the pandemic, Canada’s was 99 per cent. Siddall says he expects increasing borrowing and a declining GDP to push it up to above 115 per cent in Q2 2020 and 130 per cent in Q2..

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