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Six things to avoid in your detention

Many writers do not realize that this closes their final thoughts on the topic on which they are writing. This is why it is important for you to be able to write effective closed sentences. For each paragraph, the reader should be able to identify what your main messages are based on in the final sentence…

Second body paragraph

Remember that it should not contain any information that is not discussed in the paragraph. The summary in the concluding sentence reminds the reader of the purpose of the paragraph..

You should refer to it at the end of your essay, even if it is merely transient. Remember that your thesis is the main point of your essay, the one you stand for. Repeating the thesis using the same words seems lazy to the reader and does not provide a new understanding of your arguments. The last part of the five-paragraph essay is the conclusion. This paragraph should repeat the thesis, but this repetition should not be a copy of the thesis itself..

Avoid repeating the topic sentence or key idea verbatim. Finally, conclude with a call to action that encourages your readers to do something or learn more about your topic. In general, try to keep your score from 5 to 7 sentences. Make sure your thesis comes back to a conclusion one way or another.

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