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ERW Pipes
ERW (Electrical Resistance Welding) pipes are manufactured by cold forming of steel coil into a round cylindrical shape. In the initial times it was done with the low frequency A.C. current to heat the edges. Now, since 1970 the low frequency process changed to high frequency A.C. current to produce a higher quality weld.
ERW pipes have various applications like fencing, line pipe, scaffolding etc. ERW steel pipes are available in various diameters, wall thickness, finish and grades

Major applications
i. Water pipelines
ii. Agriculture & irrigation (Water mains, industrial water pipe lines, plant piping, deep tube-wells & casing pipes, sewerage piping)
iii. Gas pipe lines
iv. LPG and other non-toxic gas lines

a. MS & GI Pipes
MS Pipe and MS Tube refers to Mild Steel Pipe or a Mild Steel Tubes
GI pipes have a coating of zinc metal on bare steel pipe, through a molten zinc bath, ensuring a natural corrosion resistance, even in outdoor condition.
MS Black & GI Pipes are manufactured in different diameters for different applications. They have a carbon content of less than 0.25% which makes it malleable and ductile and relatively low tensile strength.
MS Black & GI Pipes are demanded huge in domestic and international market and are used in engineering, water, gas & sewage, scaffolding, automotive industry etc

b. API Line Pipes
API Line Pipe is steel pipe used for the transmission of Oil, Gas and Petroleum Distillates. Line pipes makes the pipeline and is different from casing and tubing
Line Pipes are manufactured as per specifications established by American Petroleum Institute (API). API 5L is a specification of API which defines the standard for the dimension, physical, mechanical and chemical properties of the steel. Several pipe mills around the globe manufacture the API 5L pipes for Oil and Gas industry.

c. OCTG Pipes
The growth of the OCTG market across the globe is due to the increasing exploration and production activities, The OCTG market can be segmented in six regions, Europe, North and South America, Asia Pacific, Africa and Middle East
As per one of the forecast, The OCTG market is estimated to touch $59 billion by 2019, a growth of 7.2 % from 2014. OCTG is a critical component used in the production of oil and gas from its source.
Oil Country Tubular Goods short form (OCTG) consist of Casing Tubing and Drill Pipe for oil and gas transportation and handling at various level. OCTG used in oil and gas production requires high strength and corrosion resistance.