Threaded High Pressure Fittings

SCREWED & SOCKET-WELD 3000 & 6000 lb

The high pressure pipe fittings illustrated in the following pages are designed for use with American Standard Line pipe and are used extensively in the fabrication of screwed or socket-weld high pressure piping systems.

They are found throughout refinery, petrochemical and industrial plants, on pressure vessels, hydraulic lines, refrigeration plants and wherever high pressures and/or temperatures occur.


. ASME B16.11 — Forged Steel Fittings, Socket-Weld and Threaded.

BS3799 – Forged Steel Pipe Fittings, screwed and socket-weld for the petroleum industry – based on ASME B16.11.


Carbon Steel — forgings to ASTM A105, or Bar stock.

Stainless and Alloy Steels to ASTM A182 of the appropriate grades,


Fittings are normally self-colored or phosphate-finished. Galvanized or cadmium-plated finish is available at extra cost.
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